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     Dental evaluations of your horse should begin at 1 and 2 years of age and we evaluate them annually.  We make recommendations for dental prophylaxis as needed for the current lifestyle and life-stage of your horse.

     While removing enamel points is a very important part of our overall process, we also work in a balanced approach to prevent and correct such things as tall teeth, waves and ramps.  We utilize power floating supplemented by hand floating; there are some places in the mouth a power float simply cannot address adequately.

     When appropriate teeth can be extracted to improve dental comfort, especially in our older horse population.

     While we prefer to do the single horse in the clinic, our eqiupement is very mobile and we are happy to come to your horse.  The only thing we'll ask for at your home is a covered area that will block the sun and a strong corner to back your horse into to.  Electricity is helpful, but not necessary as we have a generator that we can bring with us, just let us know when you call the clinic.

This poor guy forgot to let go of the fence when he was chewing, got spooked and pulled back.  He had completely avulsed is central and right upper incisor teeth requiring removal.

He went on to heal up just fine, but will require lifelong dental care with extreme regard to the function of his incisors.  At this time we could not be sure of adult tooth status, but we would continue to monitor him closely as he approaches predicted eruption times.