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Small Animal Services

We are proud to offer in-clinic services for your family members and working partners.  With in-house blood testing and digital imaging modalities, we offer point of care diagnosis, complemented by, preventative care and consultation, surgical care, advanced dental services, behavioral management and when you are away on vacation, or need a break from the "kids", we are happy to offer boarding services for your dogs and cats.

Equine Services

Offering services for your equine companions and competitive and working partners, we work hard to keep you in the saddle, while maintaining the health and well being of your horses.  Both clinic and farm based, we are able to provide lameness diagnosis and treatment, reproductive care, performance and corrective dentistry, podiatry consultation, sport horse medicine, preventative care and management, wound management and surgical services.

Food Animal Services

Largely farm based, we offer services for our food producers aimed at helping them be successful, produce a desirable product and stay profitable.  We are here for the routine, and not so routine dystocias, provide consultation regarding herd management practices, reproductive evaluations, vaccination and parasite control strategies, individual and herd disease investigation and management and we'll even help you ride when it comes time to gather and/or brand.